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Travelling far through time to reach the here and now

Soaring high above it doesn't matter how

The journey long and slow and rough

But women we are and we are tough

This journey happens but once in a while

And we journey to celebrate our womanhood in style

We travel to the places from far in our past

Sacred places that fill our souls and minds and hearts

We bring our girls to learn and grow

From the Lore passed down along the lines only we know

And they in time will do as we do

For the ones coming after who are yet to be new

As women we gather for we become strong

In the sacred places where only we belong.

- Cheree Stokes (C) 19/03/2020

Yinaagirbang Ngagirr Birrang

  • Acrylic on unstretched canvas

    69cm x 38cm

    FREE Delivery

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