When the Darling River Runs    In this dusty, dry and arid land our water is like gold  It comes along but rarely so it never should be sold    But men who come from far away let greed their minds control  And so they sell the lifeblood that is our country’s soul    Our voices soft, they turned from us and didn’t hear our words  So we have learned together now to turn our wisdom into swords    We need to take our country back in order here to stay  To make it safe for those who came to live from far away    We need our rivers with this gold to run in all their glory  To flush the poisons from their soils and be more than just a story.    - Cheree Stokes © 20/06/201

When The Darling River Runs

  • 30cm x 40cm Acrylic

    Unstretched canvas

    Completed 2019