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Together we gather to help each other

Together we become like sister and brother

Together we and you

Together each year this Dream comes true


Miracles happen when we believe

Miracles we help each other to achieve

Miracles that bring light back to the lives out here

Miracles, that with you, we find every year


Healing comes from what we do

Healing that you bring with you

Healing now that goes back in kind as

Healing from this painting, for your spirit and your mind

Cheree Stokes (C) 10/02/2020


The inspiration for this painting came from a previous one of my titled "Connections". The intertwined circles made of of different shades of black and white signify the coming together of all different cultures each year at The Long White Lunch in Cumnock.

Circles are equalizers. Thye are significant in my traditional Aboriginal culture and in my personal life. I beleive they give power to this painting and the message it carries.

I also found on a personal level the significance of painting in only black and white in regards to Australia and the need to build relationships between Black and White Australians. This mixing of colours and circles is my ideal society for the future where we are all equal and we all get along. 

Together - Series of 6

  • Each painting is stand alone and may be bought separately $450AUD

    Acrylic on unstretched canvas

    30cm x 30cm

    Free Delivery

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