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The Way to Love

There are people that we find as we travel through this life

Who cannot help but live each day with love

Just to be around them fills our heart with joy.

Angels walk among us, in secret, I know that this is true

And I know that you are one, for your wings are shining through.

You bring blessings to the people that you talk to every day

You put a smile upon their face and show joy in every way.

If you find beauty in this artwork, in the colours that have grown

It’s because it’s just reflecting all the love within your home! 
-Cheree Stokes 16/01/2020 ©


This artwork tells the journey story of the Wright Family.

It is full of the things they love and appreciate.

There are symbols included of their personal Values and Principles

This artwork isn't just a Healing Dots™ artwork but also has hidden symbols embedded that invoke the Law of Attraction in regards to health happiness and wealth. It has been an honour to create this story for this beautiful family and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

The Way To Love

  • Acrylic on unstretched canvas 180cm x 100cm