The Stars

They shine through the night guiding our way

They glimmer with beauty giving us faith

Some tell us stories back through the ages

Some are our Ancestors keeping us safe


All share the journey that has always been ours

That we travel together through lifetimes again

Learning the secrets, the Universe share

To those who are willing, to those that care


Worries were few with their days laid out

Each one knowing what they needed to do

Knowledge passed on to young from old

Skills for living worth more than gold


Life was simple when we followed the stars

Living each day from the gifts of this land

Returning their when our time ran out

Our spirits flying to become the light

That guide our families through the night


Our creator Biami gifted us this, instructions written for all to see

Knowledge to farm and hunt through the days

When to move and when to stay

And when the times came to say goodbye

A way to live on through the stars in the sky

Cheree Stokes 23/03/2019 ©

The Stars

  • Acrylic on canvas 165cm x 119cm

    On frame for display purposes - sold unstretched for easy delivery

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