The Mob

Women and children left in the care of the Old Ones
The men set out on their journey

Hunting is Men's business and they are set to travel far

They know the Ancestors are leading the way and they follow the signs the mob leaves behind

High in the sky the eagle is their sentinel and day after day he soars above to show the way

Each day they continue to follow the signs on the ground and the eagle in the sky until the day they reach the waterholes where the mob is settled in

They will go home warriors with plenty of good tucker

The Ancestors shine down happy with their journey

The land smiles

The grass grows

The rivers flow

The people live in harmony with the land and

The world continues to turn

- Cheree Stokes (C) 26/02/2019


The Mob

  • Acrylic on canvas 130cm x 65cm

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  • The Winner of the Orana Indigenous Artist Award 2019 at the prestigous event, Art Unlimited, Dunedoo NSW Australia