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Survivors - 2020 Tribute Painting


Sadness, despair, it's all like a dream

Where do I go from here?

Stay close to me now and don't drift away

I need you to keep me near

There's so much I know and so much I don't

And the questions keep clouding my mind

And according to what the Dr said...there's very little time

My mum always said how stubborn I was

My dad, well he would tell you the same

And I know I should be in control of my life

But right now it just doesn't feel the same

I know how this is meant to work

I know I am here for a very long time

I'm the one in charge of me...and the thoughts controlling my mind

So I refuse to give in to the sadness and despair

I'm taking control of my life

The choices I make and the actions I take

As someone's daughter, sister and wife

And I am telling you all ...

I am here for a Very. Long. Time.

Cheree Stokes (C) 6/03/2020


I was inspired this year, by all the women who have survived their cancer diagnosis and even shocked their Dr's by having their cancers disappear, simply because they refused to accept the prognosis given to them.

This artwork (2020) is to celebrate the Survivors past present and future.

The butterfly symbolises the changes they went through (or will go through) to come out a winner.

The patterned lines are all the other people they have in their lives who surround them and give them love and support. Not all of them there all the time but flowing in and around them always.

The dotted lines are our personal journeys - all the ins  and outs and changes - but always moving forward from the past into the future. 

The stars, of course, are to honour those who didn't, or won't make it through. We love you all and will always carry you with us. 

Survivors - 2020 Tribute Painting