Nat’s Story

This painting focuses on three hummingbirds, an animal that symbolizes the enjoyment of life and the ability to do things not necessarily thought possible.

They remind us to enjoy each day with love and lightness of spirit.

Nat’s journey has not always been an easy one but just like the Hummingbird she has come through the impossible and made it possible. She shares her vision with others (as she did with me through a training program) and shows us by her example how we can choose to be happy each day ourselves.

Being told the colours in this painting were her favourites, to me, was a way I saw the Universe putting us both in alignment, as I often use these particular colours to show happiness and feelings of Joy. The Universe itself is shown by the dotted stars and leaves. It covers a large part of this artwork because it is a large part of her life and her future.

The dotted lines across each diagonal corner are my way of showing how our lives continue on…no beginning, no end.

Nat, I wanted this painting to be a tribute to your life.

I want you to feel Joy and Happiness every time you look at it and be reminded of the Joy and Happiness you bring to so many other lives now. Mine included. Thank you.

And most of all I would like you to know that every time you see this painting I hope it reminds you of your roots back here in Australia. My culture may not be your culture but together we share our Australian heritage. Let us remember we are all from the one race originally and that to care for each other is the only important thing.

It has been an honour to create this for you.

  • Cheree Stokes 20/11/2018 ©

Nat's Story