This artwork shows your connection to the land of your parents and you. The main feature is your Journey Line that shows your travels through this life from your birth family to your future family. There are symbols that connect you to the landsuch as the gurudhaany (goanna); symbols to illustrate your attributes such as empathy and love; and symbols to attract things like health wealth and happiness. The patterns and dots on the two diagonals symbolise your journey through time. They show life as a neverending journey from our original creation. The Ancestor stars in the corners are there to honour the people in your life you have known and lost. The whole time I was painting this one, I felt very strongly that only you should be touching it. It is very personal to you and so only those people you believe are (or will be) connected to you in a very personal way should be invited by you to touch it. Trust your instincts-you will know who they are. -Cheree Stokes 29/12/2019©

Nat's Journey

  • Acrylic on unstretched canvas

    120cm x 75cm