Living Bush Way Wilcannia


This painting was to commemorate my time at Wilcannia.


It was a time in my life where I learnt many things and a time when my dad came to stay and finally shared just a little about his life as a young boy being taken from his family.


He found family in Wilcannia though and gave me a more definite connection to the man who adopted me into his own family when I moved there - Poppa Ray Hunter.


I went through many challenges in the years I was in Wilcannia but I look back now and see it was a time of huge changes and growth in me personally.


Wilcannia is a place I still call home because of the connections and lessons I gained there.


My grandchildren are Paakintji and my daughter Willa carries Paakintji names from her birth there. She truly is a “Wildy” girl and always shall remain so.


I wanted to honour those who took me in and helped teach me that the world doesn’t revolve around me - but that I am a part of life that  goes around. I learned compassion, understanding and responsibility, but I mostly learned how to forgive.


Cheree Stokes © 18/12/2016


Acrylic on canvas board 

30cm x 40cm

Living Bush Way Wilcannia