Kangaroo Dreaming

I close my eyes and go inside

And travel back inside my mind

Back to when the serpent came

He formed the land and brought the rain

The mountain ranges pushed up high

The eagles gliding across the sky

To all the animals he gave meaning

But to the Red Kangaroo a special Dreaming

The eagle owns the world above the land

But to the Red Kangaroo belongs the desert sand

The big red buck protects his mob

Keeping them safe his only job

Until the day when the invadors came

Changing his world so it was never the same

Taking land and destroying the ways

Pushing others into the desert to graze

Mixing blood so the young no longer belonged

Killing with guns so he couldn't be strong

But travel out to the desert lands

Where the sky shimmers above the red sands

And the Red Kangaroo still ruling his mob 

His Dreaming strong.

Cheree Stokes (C) 28/07/2019


Kangaroo Dreaming

  • Acrylic on Unstretched canvas 

    30cm x 30cm