So much written over the years, so much said

Heard so many times until the day we’re dead

But truth lays in the simplest things

So you will find these words with Truth will always ring

Life is a journey, it’s all about the time

You spend with those you love forget about the rhyme

Listen to the feeling in the meaning of my words

Suddenly you’ll understand what all these years you think you heard

To reach our destination seems to take no time at all

When you reach the other end, your lifetime feels so small

So make the most of every moment, live in every one

Be just like the Gurudhaany, never waste the sun

Take each opportunity – grab them with both hands

Thank the Rainbow Serpent for the brilliance of the sands

Know that you are blessed each time you open up your eyes

That your life was worth each second when you travel to the skies

 Don’t dwell upon the sad and blame the world for sin

Grab each happy moment and be grateful for this life you’re living in!

  • Cheree Stokes 30/07/2019 ©


  • Acrylic on unstretched canvas

    70cm x 70cm