The red dirt hills across the dusty plains

Shimmer in the heat, begging for rain

The earth walks down to the dry creek bed

Past souls barely breathing, almost dead

The suns burns a hole through the outback sky

While people hang their heads in despair and cry


There is beauty here in the colours of the land

And the way they help each other by giving a hand

Doing what they can to make each day bright

Never giving up but standing together to fight

This is our land and at times so hard to survive

But ALWAYS worth living…staying alive!

-Cheree Stokes 16/04/2019 ©


  • Dedicated to those who have gone before and lost the struggle

    We hear your pain and feel how hard it was and forgive you for not being strong on that day.

  • Acrylic on 50cm Canvas Board

    Free postage in Australia