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Creation of Our Land-Rainbow Serpent

The inspiration for this painting came when I was sitting on the banks of the Darling River Wilcannia NSW in 2016.

Just like the first one I did then was a new colour I had not previously painted in; this also has been painted outside my comfort zone. But as always, I trust the Ancestors and what they lead me to do.

I remember being told of the Rainbow Serpent travelling along the land there and creating the river. He settled down in one of the waterholes not far from where I was at the time. Not being Paakintji, I am unable to paint their tjurkurpa, but I believe the Rainbow Serpent inspired me in some way to create this work of art.

I always felt a strong connection to the land around Wilcannia and it is a place where I learned to allow those “feelings” to lead me in safety to places I was allowed to be.

The people of Wilcannia still had strong spiritual beliefs during my time there and taught me to accept my own spirituality. To allow it to guide me just like I let it guide this painting.

Cheree Stokes © 8/11/2020

Creation of Our land - Rainbow Serpent

  • Acrylic on unstretched canvas

    30cm x 40cm

    No Delivery Charges

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