Creation of Our Land - Rainbow Serpent


I started this painting on the banks of the river Darling in Wilcannia in 2016 when we went back for a special occasion.


It was my first foray into using those colours and I loved it!


I always remember being told of the Rainbow Serpent travelling along the land there and creating the river and he settled down in a waterhole not far from where I was painting. Not being born into the Paakintji I do not have the right to tell the Dreamings of their place - but I believe the Rainbow Serpent inspired me in some way to create this artwork.


I always felt a strong connection to the land around Wilcannia and it is a place where I learnt to allow those “feelings” to lead me in safety to places where I was able to walk. The people of Wilcannia still had a strong spiritual belief during my time there and taught me to accept my own spirituality. To allow it to guide me and this is what I believe was the reason this painting came into being.

Cheree Stokes ©  09/2016


Acrylic on canvas board

30cm x 40cm

Creation of Our Land - Rainbow Serpent

  • This painting is sold ready to hang and UNFRAMED