This painting is all about the connections we have to each other and to the earth we live on.

The circles are showing us interconnecting with each other and the lines are also connecting us to the world we live in. To the trees and plants and animals.

The diagonal lines are our lives travelling through space and time … no beginning and no end.

In society today, we have lost sight of these connections, and we are suffering because of it. People feel disconnected, alone and vulnerable.

This painting symbolises rebirth and hope.

When you look at it, I want you to remember we ARE all connected and all we need to do is just reach out and someone WILL be there.

That no matter how you feel at this moment there is always a new day, a new beginning, another opportunity for us.


  • Cheree Stokes 4/05/2019 ©


  • Acrylic on unstretched canvas 

    30cm x 40cm