Camping on the Riverbank


Whatever happened to peaceful river days

Did the world grow too small to value them still

Did it all get too much, mountains not hills?


Do you ever remember those days from the past

Before life took over and time went too fast…?

Our lives are a circle never reaching the end

So it seems fitting that we go round again.


This time though with the lessons learnt

I'll value the moments I've struggled and earnt

I'll watch when my child cries, "Mum look at me!"

I'll stop when they stop and listen carefully.


For these are the moments that make life worthwhile

Not the hours at work or the years that rush by

While we worry about how we'll pay that next bill

It's that Mountain again … that was really a hill.


And by the time you find out what those moments were worth

They've all disappeared from the face of the earth.

Your children have grown and can't take the time

Just to sit on the bank with a line in their hand,

And breathe in the peace that comes from the land.


Cheree Stokes © 20/11/2017


Acrylic on stretched canvas

30cm x 60cm

Camping on the Riverbank