Bilyara Dreaming


… Is about my love for the majestic eagle and all it stands for.


It is a tribute to Poppa Ray, Uncle Cyril and Uncle Badger from the Paakintji Wilcannia New South Wales.


The eagle is their totem and they taught me to understand that this mighty bird looks down over us and keeps us safe.

It let’s us know when what we are doing is honourable and right.


As a very young child I hated the trapping of eagles and would cry to see one dead. I remember we found one killed on the side of the road near our home when I was about 4yrs old, and when my dad spread out the wings it had a span that went from one side of the road to the other. What a tragedy to lose such a magnificent animal.


I have never forgotten how in awe I was to see that and how deeply I felt for it’s death.

I was four.


Cheree Stokes © 26/02/2018


Acrylic on canvas board

30cm x 30cm

Bilyara Dreaming