Because of you we are alive
You're the reason we survive

You gave us strength to carry on
With your love you made us strong
You showed us how to persevere
Because of you that's why we're here
Connected to our Sacred Land
Because of you - we can!

Cheree Stokes 10/06/2018 (C)



The large female figure is to represent “Her” because it is through her we all came into existence and what this year’s theme is all about.

The flowers are at the centre of each symbol to signify birth.
I utilised the tree to include mother earth as she also gives us life.
The symbols in the third painting are for Health, Wealth and Happiness. They are not mine and I thank whoever their creator is for being able to use them.
The stars are there to show we all exist in the Universe, and
The diagonal lines are of course showing life as having no beginning and no end but continuing throughout eternity.



Acrylic on stretched canvas

30cm x 75cm each

Because of Her - We Can