This painting is a representation of the Trundle Golf Course The symbols show the waterholes and creek; the “greens” and holes; fairways and people around the course playing. The colours represent the dryness of the course due the terrible drought the community has been going through.              


The Spirit in this small town gathers you in takes away your frown

Puts a smile on your face makes you glad to be in this friendly place

And if you wander down with clubs in hand the TGC is waiting there to share their land

No matter your age or clothes you wear they welcome you in from anywhere Teach you their skills and share a laugh at the end of the day in their little club house

Sit around and raise a glass share a joke and talk of the day

Here at Trundle Golf Club, it’s just their way!  

-Cheree Stokes 18/10/2019 ©

A Day On The Green - Trundle Golf Club