2018 Breast Cancer Tribute Painting 

This year’s painting, I did to signify the gratitude we should allow to shine in our lives, and how it will help us to overcome our darkest times.

“A Grateful Heart is a Magnet for Miracles”

The star theme that is carried throughout this painting signifies the Universe and how insignificant we are in the scheme of it all.

The moon lights up the two Dragonflies though to show that no matter how insignificant we are – a single life still matters the most!

The diagonal Life lines in each corner show our journeys …different but the same. They include the larvae of the dragonflies and also the nymphs and signify the many changes a woman may go through in this journey once she has been diagnosed.

But this painting is beautiful, just like you are, and it speaks of Hope and Overcoming, and shows how we are all connected through the Universe and by BELIEVING we CAN fly!

We are Women.

We can do whatever we set our minds to achieve!

This painting is created from a heart that strives to give Hope and Inspiration to you each time you see it. By rubbing the palm of your hand across the raised dots on the painting, it will give you Peace and Time to regenerate.

This painting is all about LIVING.

This poem is written from a heart that tried to imagine the devastation that is felt on the day you were/are given the news. I do not mean to offend by presuming I know, I just wanted to find a way to share the moment you made/make the decision that allows you to become a Survivor, because although we are not within that particular club of yours, we are all women together and then all humans together in this Universe, looking to understand each other and help each other through.

There’s something wrong I heard them say

But through a fog … they seemed so far away

It could be a dream (or so it seemed)

Or maybe words I just can’t hear

For after all, it can’t be me so full of fear


Slowly                    slowly

I travelled back into the space

And tried to understand

Their looks that burned into my face

The words are jumbled in my brain

Forming puddles just like rain

The voices looming, coming near

Oh my god it can’t be me so full of fear


So in my head, I run away

I’ve heard enough of what they say

I nod my head and answer back

But really, I’m no longer there

I cannot see how much they care

I’m filled with me and this thing inside

And I struggle with the puddles that fill my mind

Desperately needing the fog to clear

Who IS this woman so full of fear?


Can it be me?


Now comes the anger creeping in

Why me?

Why now?

What did I do wrong?

I’m afraid if I cry, it will all overwhelm me and I WILL die

So, I take from YOU the strength YOU give

And make up my mind … TO LIVE!

Cheree Stokes © 2018


This raised $2500AU  Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

2018 Breast Cancer Tribute Painting