2017 Breast Cancer Tribute Painting
This painting I did to celebrate all the women who have gone before in our history.
It is because of them that we have the knowledge that we now have today.

“Yesterday We Struggled but Today We Win!”
All the small butterflies signify the women who have gone before and survived. They are underneath holding up those of us now in the present pushing us to fly.
The moon is the light that shines forward to the future and highlights the Silver Butterfly that signifies all those women who are fighting Breast Cancer right now.
Yes. ….YOU hung the moon and THEY held the ladder….. 
The stars are all the women who have gone before and not survived. They are there each night reminding us to be the best that we can be and to live our lives to the full Every Single Day. To show that we may not always end up how/where we want to be but we will always end up BRILLIANT with onlookers in awe of our beauty. 
As in all my paintings, the lines on opposite corners signify our life journey. 
Different but the same.
The circles are our travels through Eternity with no beginning and no end. 
The lines around them are the boundaries we place upon ourselves and can be moved through at choice. This is shown by the lines not being solid but merely connected by dots. Therefore we are able to choose our own path through life. 
Lastly the Silver Butterfly. You.
She is perfect on one side only. 
The other side signifies the imperfections we end up with once we have lived through Breast Cancer.
She is beautiful when looked at as a whole. And so are YOU.
We are not defined by our parts but by our whole being. 
Our beauty comes from who we are. Not how we look. 
When we FEEL beautiful – we ARE beautiful.

This is my painting 
in honour of ALL the women 
who have ever been touched by Breast Cancer.

Copyright 5.5.2017 Cheree Stokes


This actual paiting was gifted to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fundraiser run yearly in Trundle at the start of the ABBA Festival. It sold for $1450.


Similar paintings may be commissioned by using the contact form to order.

50% of the purchase price will go towards the Cancer Foundation.


2017 Breast Cancer Tribute Painting