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When My World First Began to Align ...

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Today is wonderful!

I get to do a photo shoot with an amazing photographer

(and artist in her own right) to update my photos online.


Just an example of her amazing art photography

And yes,

I am still finding this journey exciting each day.

This year I have been excited for what is going to happen and two months in I am STILL feeling the same … I haven’t consciously set out to do that, it’s just happened eh

But I believe it’s because of this child-like expectation of something good about to happen, that now those things are starting to show up.

Action: I have applied for my passport for the first time in my life.

Thought: By getting my passport the Universe knows I am ready to travel overseas.

Action: I started seriously looking for a Studio/Gallery

Thought: By seriously looking the Universe will provide one in the place I need to be right now.

Action: New photos showing me as a Successful Professional Artist

Thought: The Universe will now provide new customers in the area of Big Business

With these few things in place already this year I find myself taking MYSELF more seriously as well.

Feedback on the above so far:

1. I have been approached about a trip overseas to paint later in the year

2. I now have access to a Studio/Gallery!

And as one of my favourite bands (Meatloaf) says

“…two outa three ain’t bad…”

I remember starting my Personal Development (PD) journey back in 2008.

Several things happened in that year that all seemed to align channelling me in the same direction.

I was still working as a teacher then and received two trainings through school.

The Seven Habits and a one day talk with an amazing woman Robyn Moore.

In the middle of those two things happening I met a man who has gone on to become my absolute best friend and one of my strongest supporters.

My “aha” moment from the Seven Habits training was having one of the trainers speak to me pointing out that it is I who control the thoughts in my head.


As a sufferer of serious depression throughout my life this was a HUGE breakthrough.

One that has led to me today where I CHOOSE to wake up happy every single day.

That’s right…no more depression.

My “aha” moment from meeting G… was watching The Secret and realising that I had been unconsciously doing two of the things in there (with results!) already.

One at that time where I manifested myself my Dream Car, a Holden ute.

So I then believed it ALL.

Like a child I just trusted what I saw (and later read as I now have the book).

My third “aha” moment was probably two from Robyn Moore. The first when she said we wake up each day and CHOOSE how our day is going to be. And the second when she explained to me personally what Mercy was.

Understanding this allowed me to bring forgiveness into my life and let go of a lot of angst and bad feelings.

And each of these aligned with the other!

Each gave me a stepping-stone to move forward and let go of the past. To start taking control of my life and be in charge.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Well they were mine at that point in my life and I thank the Universe still for them arriving when I was ready to hear their message.

Don’t get me wrong, my life didn’t suddenly become perfect.

There were still a lot of hard lessons for me to learn after that, but what I did learn was that every time life hit me hard, I just had to hang in there and not give up because something wonderful was just about to happen. The more I came to understand and believe that – the more it became true.

As time has gone on, the hard times seem to get easier.

Not because they are easier,

but because I think myself through them in a better frame of mind.

I CHOOSE to see what lesson I’m being taught,

and I TRUST that this too shall pass.

I also CHOOSE to look for that silver lining

and to FOCUS on the good I can get because of it.

EVERYTHING is possible!

Have a great one!

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