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Connecting with Land

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

This morning I went for a drive out to the bush paddock with G

I know this area around here is old ... basically all of Australia is … and I was expecting lots of trees and rocks

But nothing for what I found there ...

There was obviously an old volcano around here and it spewed out some fantastic rocks in its time eh

I started taking photos … I LOVE rocks … especially BIG ones and I was not disappointed

Then we went further in to what could be the start of a creek and it was like walking back in time

The rocks were amazing


Awe inspiring

And as I walked up through them I was overflowing with emotion

It came right from my guts eh

As soon as I touched the ground and started to walk along the creek bed I started to feel this feeling deep in my guts … very hard to explain to someone who hasn’t felt it … I asked G if he felt anything?

He said not really … once we were in the rocks he said he felt in awe of the rocks but what I felt was so much more than that!

When he picked up a different rock to look at it…it was like it hurt me to have it moved?!

I just knew it was wrong to move them from here

And yet I have taken rocks I loved from other places?

Here it just felt completely wrong though

As I walked on this ground I knew it was special

A place where people walked in the beginning

I saw them sitting on the creek bank


I felt them walking around the rocks

I saw children playing and running

I have never felt this way about a place before!

I felt connected to the people who had walked here

By the time I got up to here …

… I found the tears just flowed

I just wanted to hold the rocks and FEEL

It was like there was a vibration coming from deep in the earth

I could see myself sitting on the ground and soaking in the very essence of the air I was breathing

I could feel myself there painting

I felt accepted there so I don’t believe it was a sacred area

but I felt it was a special place

where the people travelled through stopping to spend time and relax

I hated to leave

And as we drove away I felt a release in my guts

The feeling was less strong now once we crossed out into the clear areas

So I now know there is a boundary in there

I can’t wait to go back

And paint

I know with all my soul

that any painting I do there

will be spiritual on a whole new level to what my work has been eh

I sit here now writing this and feeling just so humbled and so grateful to have experienced what I did this morning

I am so blessed!

Cheree Stokes – 15/02/2019

#arttherapy #happiness #themeaningoflife #over50s #aboriginalart #aboriginal #ancestralland #spiritualland #feelingthepast #spiritualfeelings #connectingwiththeancestors

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