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  • Cheree Stokes

GUILT - The most contagious disease of the 21st Century

When did the world start shrinking so fast?!

Sometimes I long for the peace of Isolation From Everything ... especially people.

Not family or friends, but those people who believe they can contact you day and night regardless of the time.

I'm old enough these days to remember a time when business people wrote you letters. Then they gave you time to read it and reply. It could take up to three weeks for accounts to be received and then paid.

NOW they ring you - and ring you - and if you do not answer them they send you demanding messages wanting to know why you are not answering them!

Well, excuse me, I was SLEEPING on this side of the world eh ... (YES, that IS sarcasm, and YES, poor wit and all that - but really?)

I remember the first time we ever had a landline (OMG we didn't even need to call it that eh - it was simply a phone) and I wanted to ring up and organise a visit with my friend up the road, but my mum reminded me how rude it was to call anyone at dinner time.

Who even THINKS of that now?

She also drummed into me that you NEVER called anyone after 9pm unless they were close family. There were two reasons for this:

1. Most people would be in bed at that time (we lived in the country as well and farmers went to bed early), and

2. It could cause unnecessary worry with them thinking something had happened like an accident to someone they loved. Because no one called after 9pm!


Am I the only one who remembers this stuff?

These days my bills come through the internet.

They get paid through the internet.

People want to contact me?

Yep. Through the internet.

Well ... that is ... some people still try to call me, but we have no "landline" anymore - the phone provider refuses to put one in, and yes I have a mobile but there is no service for it where I live so the internet is the only option we have. Very frustrating.


It has given me the opportunity to stop worrying about whether people can reach me 24/7 because - THEY CAN'T.

(chuckles quietly to herself)

So I get to live "guilt free" in my home.

Ahhh the peace and quiet!


So I get to play with my animals, water my vege garden, AND PAINT. Without interruption. Guilt free.

Did I mention how wonderful this is? How I'm "guilt free"?

When was the last time YOU were guilt free?

Oh and just in case you were wondering - (I know you weren't but I just want to tell you) - I remember being a child and having a phone up on the wall that we had to first wind and then ask the operator to connect us ... and they could still listen in to our conversation AND we could listen in to other people's ... my mum caught me several times doing this eh - good laugh now but not back then

So yes - I am THAT old!

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