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  • Cheree Stokes

Painting My Way to Freedom

When I was young I loved to draw and paint but it was never put forward as an option for my future career. It was considered a nice hobby that I had a talent for.

And then I grew up and life happened.




No husband

O.M.G. There was so much crap that had gone on in my life ... (too much for here right now).

I began a journey of personal development that really took off

just under 2 years ago, when I basically fell into painting

traditional way. I realised that painting always was my Passion, and because I had finally allowed myself to listen to the Universe, I found that peace, contentment, and freedom were mine for the taking!

Two things happened:

1. I decided to paint a picture traditional way for my niece

2. I offered a friend a painting for her Breast Cancer fundraiser

And my life began ...

Suddenly I had people seeing my art and wanting ones for themselves. How cool was that?!

There is no other feeling greater than waking up each day knowing you can go to work wherever you like and do the one thing in the world that you love to do!

And I don't paint to have others tell me how great it is - I paint to feel good in myself. When someone looks at my art and doesn't really like it - it doesn't faze me these days. That's because I paint for myself. Any positive reactions are a bonus.

I look back over this past year and 9 months and it feels surreal almost ... it's not just my painting which has developed and grown ... it's me. I've grown. I've become more peaceful in myself. I've become calmer in my reactions and certainly much happier every day. Personal development helped me to be in a place to recognise what my passion was when the opportunity was given to me... but it's immersing myself in my Passion for painting that has helped me be who I truly was meant to be.

For the first time in my life I know I am free.

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