School Programs

Cheree has a Bachelor of Teaching and many years’ experience teaching in schools from the NT, QLD and NSW specialising in Special Needs and Behavioural issues and working in communities with a high Aboriginal enrolment.

Her father and his mother were both victims of the Stolen Generation. Cheree was adopted by Poppa Ray Hunter in Wilcannia during her time teaching there and continues a strong connection to the community. She has Paakintji grandchildren and understands the importance of keeping their connection to their ancestral lands.

Cheree has a current paid WWCC and carry her own Indemnity insurance.

Cheree is based out of her own gallery in Trundle in the Central West of NSW, Ngurambang Birrang Gallery, and has lived in this area for many years now being accepted by the local Wiradjiri people around her and allowed/encouraged to teach language and culture in schools.

Cumnock Public School

Cheree Stokes volunteered at Cumnock Public School in 2017 as our resident Indigenous artist and teacher mentor.


During this time, she worked with the staff to build their capacity to incorporate Indigenous Perspectives into the NSW curriculum and build sustainable practices to ensure all Aboriginal students are known, valued, and cared for.


Whilst at the school she also worked with the students, staff and wider community to develop the concept of a school mural to represent our stories. The work involved developing a set of shared symbols to tell our stories, story development, illustration of the story and use of dot patterns.


This mural proudly hangs at the school and is a representation of the stories of the staff and students who attended the school in 2017.


Throughout this project Aunty Cheree provided mentoring, encouragement, kindness, compassion, and leadership to all involved.

Karen Canning Principal

  • Cumnock Public School (2012-2017)

Euchareena Public School

Cheree Stokes completed an artwork for our school in 2019.


Cheree involved our students at every stage of the project from planning to painting. The design of the mural was specifically related to the historical connections for the school community making it very authentic and meaningful.


The mural is simply stunning and has transformed the playground area. We regularly have visitors asking who completed the mural for us and commenting how wonderful it looks.

Eve Kirby Principal

  • Euchareena Public School (2019)